21 Oct

Traveling again. This time Miami, Florida.

Morning picture taken out my hotel window. I’ll add more to this post as I navigate this city with Latin flavors over the next few days. 

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Marblehead Lighthouse

16 Oct

I visited this historical monument yesterday with my family. What a day! I thought I’d make this a three part post from the shores of Lake Erie. It holds a special place in the heart of my father who is likewise very special to me. More of that later.

Though the actual Lighthouse and museum were not open, they’re run by volunteers with summer the popular season, we had a lovely visit imagining the history since inception. From the War of 1812 (prior to the Lighthouse on the point) to the first steamships operating in the mid 1800’s, and every other vessel using this waterway since, there’s so much history on this Great Lake. 

Lighthouses have been an important factor or beacon to those captains and their ships sailing the rough waters when the Lighthouse was fully operational.

The Lighthouse was built in 1821 over eleven weeks and is about 65′ high. 

I’ll bring more facts to you about this fascinating era and place in history.

Photography by Kim Troike

Part One of Three


1 Oct


In search of a photo with my new camera, I wandered about waiting to be delighted. Would I capture another wave, one more sunset, or kids playing in the surf with their boundless energy and enthusiasm for the shore? I found unknown footprints in the sand.


Many things caught my eye as I walked barefoot grinding the tiny particles with each step on this mini adventure. What would it be as I took the time to look ahead, up, below and to my sides? I found much to photograph as I listened to the waves hit the sand while birds or gulls sang a tune.


Here is the sandpiper, or sanderling: wading in the water at the ocean’s edge, searching for something after each shoreline wave, and the morning feast it consumes of tiny mollusks exposed or kicked up after each wave.

Photography/Samsung Camera by Kim Troike

Google Credit/Sandpipers



Home From Home

30 Sep

Enjoy this short story by Richard Ankers. No photo needed as he describes the place.

Richard M. Ankers

Empty coffee mugs litter the tables, tidemarks of brown sludge marking their once fullness. Someone plays flamenco music through a poor quality speaker; it lacks the passion of a real performance. A lone girl stands behind the counter tapping her toes, her fingers out of sync on the desktop. She patiently awaits my order with a forced smile. I ask for my usual, ever the rebel. I could sit anywhere, the shop vacated, but choose my always seat. I am not here to experiment, I’m here because I’m home. The Venetian lagoon strapped to my cocoa-coloured view hints at far away places. I’m content to drink and imagine them.

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18 Sep


My photo of southwest Florida this past Spring.

Lake Life~

28 Aug

Majestic mountain settings with views of lakes so pristine! Reblogged from Cindy

Would you like to live an alpine life,
by the lapping shores,
of a languid lake,
high in your mountain hideaway.
You might never feel lonesome,
with wild creatures for comfort,
because there is nothing more lonely,
than a crowd of people.
Cheers to you from some mountain sanctuaries~

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August Tide

19 Aug


Thanks for visiting my blog theivorytide. Like most of you for sure, it’s been a busy summer. This grainy photo was taken via my phone. I’m promising you and myself to use my new camera in September when I go on vacation. The world will be brighter and in focus! I’ll be learning how to load them up in my computer via the camera. And also how to use my camera. All fun. Explain the steps then; see you in September. Kim


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