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Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

25 May

Interview Questions for Mayor Lori Lightfoot

Chicago and all that jazz …

Recently, I viewed her on television and thought she’d be a great person to interview, even though she has requested no white people. Well, that, challenges me. So here I am wanting to be listened to and reckoned with. (In my youth I traveled through Chicago every summer to Wisconsin to visit my grandmother who lived on an island. I remember a huge bridge and all the wonderful buildings and that we were halfway to our destination). Lori Lightfoot is in the news quite a lot lately due to her cities gun violence. I looked up an email for her and then it wouldn’t send. I’m posting the questions anyway.

1). Why did you become Mayor of Chicago? What was your background?

2). The gun violence is in the news every weekend. How do you sleep at night? (wine, yoga, music?) Obviously we don’t think you are the cause but rather the person who will bring peace. What are your plans to bring these numbers down?

3). You stood up against the teachers unions, something so powerful, especially in the Midwest. For me, this made you a god, very powerful. What else can you do that we haven’t seen yet?

4). You get a lot of flack from Twitter, but I suppose big names catch the criticism. What would you tell your 14-22 year old children on how to handle Twitter, Facebook, etc.?

5). Any future plans in politics? Will you run again and will you win?

6). To outsiders, Chicago has much going for it …like Wrigley Field, University of Chicago, the lake and waterfront, jazz, pizza, Oprah Winfrey, and, of course, Barack Obama. Do you think Barack Obama helped or hurt Chicago? Explain. And why didn’t he stay? He’s such a peaceful man. What could he do to help Chicago now?

7). You have a new superstar quarterback coming from Georgia. How will this help to influence the youth and spirit in Chicago?

Thank you! Wishing Chicago peace and quiet from the gun violence and a great recovery from the pandemic. I hope to inspire girls and women through interviews and learning about others pathways.

Kim Troike is a citizen journalist for Pearl Media and The Ivory Tide Press. She’s a writer using the pen name of Caroline Clemens for her nine novels. Her novel String the Cranberries touches lightly on the violence in south side Chicago. Picture credit to IStock Images.

Debate Style

30 Sep Soldiers Honored on Memeorial Day

*Opinion piece *Non partisan

The race to the 2020 White House for President could not be filled with anymore plot. There’s overloads of plot and subplots going on, it feels like we will never finish this book, I mean race. From mail in ballots, losing ballots in the creek, riots in Democratic cities, a failed impeachment, investigative reports of spying on an incoming president elect, and, finally, an economic destroyer named Covid-19 Pandemic, things could not be worse.

Except it seems worse and worse everyday. Remember when you learned that expression, “Can we just agree to disagree?” That and if you can’t say something nice then say nothing at all. Okay, not that one. We just haven’t had two opposing ideals duke it out so differently. Therefore, I chalk up the 1st American Presidential Debate to style. What it showed us is, yes, we are all different in our style, our speech, our energy and accomplishments. You could see the differences in professions come right out front and collide in the center.

Mr. Biden, ex Vice President, held his own, spoke into the camera (like a politician) and name called rather quickly. He has changed his ideas and does not support the Green New Deal. President Trump came out like a fighter, he is not going to let someone steal this election if he has anything to do with it. If the media reported his accomplishments then he wouldn’t have to instruct his voters about policy and deals.

Anyway you look at it 2020 is a mess. Our daily lives do not hold fighting, name calling, or destruction, only closures and job losses which have reached their peak. Who’s hurting? The schoolchildren and college students watching the adults fear and anger, with the cities burning, not really understanding all of it. Try dissecting a real heart in your kitchen apartment. It smells, you don’t know what you’re doing, and they call this teaching. The absurdity of it all. That class was dropped and the memory will be funny later on in life. I know when I was very young I didn’t know why Detroit was on fire or why the south had riots. But I know that the police helped to stop the fighting.

Why would anyone work for FREE (President Trump) for four years? I can’t figure that out. Why would someone stay in POLITICS (Mr. Biden) for 47 years? Not sure of that either. Then again, why would someone ENLIST (brave young male or female teen) and go to war? Maybe the answer is they all LOVE America very much.

The plot is in full climax mode and our book will hit the resolute button on November 3rd, or thereafter, likely by January 21st or so. Twenty twenty-one will be better than 2020, it has to right(?) and we will have a new President named Donald or Joe. Let’s let them govern and be the presidential branch of this beautiful USA. We deserve a wonderful sequel!

It’s okay to be different, in style, in manner, in vocation, and in what type of family you create. It’s even right to vote for the party you like. That’s your American right. Vote for who you want to represent you and your ideals. I think we all have a little bit to give and to help keep, America the beautiful, strong and in first place.

By Kim Troike

Photo Credit Google Pics


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