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Readers, reviewers, bloggers and shoppers! Here’s my little shop on Zazzle. Unique, one of a kind items for holiday gift giving! Please forward to others. Sharing. Click the Zazzle link. ZAZZLE ZAZZLE Thanks for shopping! Kim Troike Caroline Clemens *pen

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Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving! And Merry Christmas! My favorite time of year is approaching-so, I’ll be putting up the tree, a new one I purchased locally last year with blue, white, silver and gold bulbs. I believe it represents a new place in Florida. Still learning the area and waiting for the final words to…

Touring the Tides

The lovely Don Cesar Hotel over on St. Pete’s Beach is wonderful. Take the time to go back in time and visit Florida’s past. You will be delighted and enlightened. I visited there recently on a beautiful day and enjoyed cocktails with a magnificent view followed by a delicious lunch. I forgot about everything going…

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