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The Ivory Tide Press

2 Nov

Do you like the sound of that? As an author of self-published novels I need a name for my publishing company. That way I’ll still keep theivorytide.com URL and website with WordPress. I have three books I’m promoting/marketing right now to bookstores and libraries. I’m hopeful.

I just finished up a How To Series on carolineclemens.com It’s a five part series with five blog posts on how to write a novel. If it’s on your bucket list or someone you know-then pass it forward. Donations are accepted. The information is from someone who has been there and done it. Namely me!

It would make the perfect Christmas gift or Holiday exchange for that creative person in your life or someone retiring. I have nine years experience doing it alone and I learned a great deal. It’s my way of giving back to the helpful people/writers along the way. Blogging made it happen. That is the number one ingredient to becoming a writer. Blogging. Thank you WordPress!

I’m presently writing my ninth book and hope to publish in February or March. It’s a tragic thriller. What? I know right! Sounds like I’m making up categories in the genre section but after I laid down the outline it made perfect sense. I hope you give indie authors a chance, review them, and pass their name on to friends and family. Also, buy local. I’m going to do that this week with a purchase of “Where The Crawdads Sing.” I must find out what all the fuss is about. With seven million purchases the good word is out. I joined a book club, my first ever and that’s our November read.

The Ivory Tide Press will be my publishing company and the blog theivorytide.com (among it’s podcast, museums, peace site, palmetto stars, newsy, and pearl life) will offer finished book reports, papers, essays, term papers and the like for pay. I will mostly do junior/senior high school and freshman/sophomore college students or anyone else in need of type written skills for hire. Email kimtroike@gmail.com if interested in or in need of papers written in English. Payment will be via donation per PayPal at Kim Troike with charges similar to what others obtain for these services.

Empty classroom with no students

I will use this pricing I found on essays. I can’t wait to work for you.

Have you ever wanted to write a novel or have your memoir written? I could do that “Memoir” or idea that’s in your head for a prepaid sum and written in English. Email kimtroike@gmail.com if interested.

By Kim Troike

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27 Dec

Hello by Adele … per YouTube.

Hope y’all had a lovely Holiday break, which is probably still going. I’ve returned from my in-laws in Florida; we proceeded to cut it down to thirds. We drove 20 hours, slept 20 hours and visited the last twenty which included eating, remembering, presents and lots of merriment. They are up in years now and slow to get around after three times in the hospital this year alone. It’s not been a good year but there sat Grandpa with his Santa hat and Tommy Bahama Santa fishing shirt I’d bought him a few years ago. Yeah, he kept his spirits up and was happy we’d come all that way. Grandma cooked way too much food and made her specialty … kraut biscuits. The uncles sent homemade Christmas cookies, great Grandma Alma’s recipes. I called my family twice by phone and left messages. I never heard back. I’m sure they had a good one. Oh hey, wait, I musta called a million times! I love Adele! Here she is on my ivorytide blog; the meaning behind the blog is music and oceans, maybe a way I can reach out to everyone. My YouTube channel is here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😉

by Kim Troike

Credit to YouTube/Adele Channel

*My kids purchased Adele’s CD in November for my birthday.

Oktoberfest Celebration

21 Sep

Oktoberfest Fall FunWelcome to my blog theivorytide … I’m so glad you made it here. This is my newest blog (I have a troika) and this is where the storybook party is.

I’ve got some pictures, music videos and a whole lotta happiness from me as I’ve hit a milestone. I’ll share that at the end. Enjoy!!

Oktoberfest Fall FunTake a break from the football game, cooking, or whatever you are doing and feel the festivities of fall; right here in cyber-land where imagination and laughter rule!

Did you know that women play football? Somewhere down the line I heard that but have never seen it and I’ve been to more than a ladies share of games. I’m married to a Fantasy Football Freak!

Oktoberfest Fall Fun

Wait this lady means business; I love it!! Also check out the abs on number five … I just haven’t figured out why they are playing in bikinis. I am in to promoting women in their endeavors and I applaud these football revelers. They are doing something I don’t think I could do nor would want to.

Oktoberfest Fall FunSeriously, what’s a party without some beverages? I’ve ordered up a few beers! They make so many flavors this time of the year but that’s another blog post with all those festivals around the world. These ladies look healthy and happy! Beer is good for you, did you know that? It has B vitamins and grains and hops, but, of course, too much of a good thing is not good for anyone.

Oktoberfest CelebrationGeorge Washington made beer and so have many a dad’s with kits given to them as Christmas presents. Have you ever smelled beer cooking in your basement? It wafts up the staircase and permeates the house with a very distinct odor; it smells like burning sugar cane with bread baking in the oven. Then you have to wait for weeks to taste the final product or you could go to the store and buy an Oktoberfest Ale.

Oktoberfest CelebrationAnd now for the music … I almost feel like I’m in Germany; do you?

Oktoberfest CelebrationHere is a treat. This will make you smile and might even have you clapping with the folks in this video. I don’t understand one word, tell me if you do.

I had to watch that video twice; I just love those girls on roller blades playing the accordion! Are you smiling yet? Do you wonder why I invited you?

Oktoberfest CelebrationI invited you to a party to celebrate my novel, my finishing of that novel. I have the final edit to do but the imagination, the grueling writing process and the storyline are finished. I have an artist painting a cover and once again I’ve sent a query letter. This dream I had began years ago and after I began trekking forward, well, I had to make it the best I could.

If all goes well we should see a late Fall release either self-published or by an agent/publisher. The title is “Into the Vines” and 120-130K words. This post isn’t about the contents of my book. Nope. This is the celebration, the fireworks, well, the fun anyway!!

Oktoberfest CelebrationI have skipped the main course and went right for the dessert … it’s apple pie. We certainly do celebrate events with food and drink~then we have to watch our weight or rather work-out. I just had a thought, in cyberspace we don’t eat but we do sit. Maybe with these new watches (ie: phones) it will make us more portable, moving again. 🙂

Oktober Fall Fun

Thank you so much for coming and looking around. Please leave a comment and tell me what you love about Fall, your favorite food or drink, or possibly what book you are currently reading. I love winking around the net. A favorite person of mine from my youth used to wink at me and I loved it. Maybe it’s the attention! 😉

Oktober CelebrationI leave you with the Harvest Moon …


If you have the time here’s a Neil Young video from the Ryman Theatre in Nashville with him singing The Harvest Moon. It’s an absolute piece of perfection with distilling words of simplicity.


by Kim Troike

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