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The Pearl Foundation

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Established March/April 2022

CEO & Founder Kim Troike

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Mission Statement: To support women and men in obtaining the American Dream.

This non profit will assist: young women with college funds aimed towards payment of school loans; young men going to trade school or working a job in need of a car; young women finding themselves pregnant wishing to pursue adoption; single women with children doing it alone; women going through a divorce; women in later life, never married, or widowed living marginally; men previously incarcerated in need of trade school and or car funds.

College Graduation Day With Loans to Pay!

These goals may change from time to time but that is the premise. I believe we should help Americans by giving them a reward or a lift while they pursue the American dream. Not every young person gets a scholarship for college and it’s very expensive. People have promised to help them but I don’t see action. Not everyone knows about adoption (birth moms are real life heroes) and how wonderful it is. It’s a miracle times a hundred fold! I aim to change that perception through my novels and life-story.

Some people work their whole life for wages that don’t support a retirement and Social Security hasn’t kept up, not to mention healthcare costs. Not every young man gets an athletic scholarship who later signs a bonus worth millions. Many don’t even know what they want to do. People also think that incarceration solves the problem. It doesn’t. This is not about handouts at all. The funds will come when they are accomplishing the goal such as just about to graduate college, or in need because of dire circumstances. Let’s help persons who help themselves towards simple goals like life, work and retirement.

Kim Troike CEO & Founder of The Pearl Foundation

I’m an author of nine novels and write under the pen name Caroline Clemens and my own name. You’ll find me on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other places online. I’ll be at the Spring Indie Market at University Town Center in Sarasota on March 26th with books for sale and info on my non profit titled … The Pearl Foundation! Please join me there and support the women and men of America in pursuit of the American Dream.

Kim Troike

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