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Notes From Author Caroline Clemens

27 Oct
Cedar Point At Night

Happy Halloween! Happy Thanksgiving! And Merry Christmas!

My favorite time of year is approaching-so, I’ll be putting up the tree, a new one I purchased locally last year with blue, white, silver and gold bulbs. I believe it represents a new place in Florida. Still learning the area and waiting for the final words to be spoken, “The pandemic is over, now celebrate!”

My daughters are graduating college in December and June with a B.S. degree in Finance and a B.S. in Health Management & Marketing. Yeah for them and me! I’m the sideline coach and major cheer section. I couldn’t be prouder. Now for the wonderment, as they set sail on a new life away from professors and high rent in downtown Atlanta. My son has his hands on batteries and decided he’s ready for online college. He’s interested in a degree from Full Sail while he works a full time job. Go honey go!

Quarry Hill Vineyard in Berlin Heights

I have so many things I want to do that I need a few more decades to accomplish them. First up is more books to write, query, and market to readers, Netflix, and other streamers. I made my first movie while on vacation to Ohio. I need to add music and titles. Why? Why not. It just kind of happened like magic. I call it September Storm. My pictures are from Cedar Point, Quarry Hill Vineyard in Berlin Heights and my backyard from where I grew up in Huron. I took five books with me on vacation. I’ve been on a reading binge & reviewing blitz trying to show my appreciation for authors who inspire me.

I plan to return to my novel writing January 2022. After all … I have all this experience I shouldn’t let go to waste. Face it 2020 & 2021 suck, news wise anyway and the loss of loved ones. I didn’t lose anyone. My parents both had Covid 19 and the shots at ages 89 & 93. But its a slugger of a flu, a pure wipe-out for some while others didn’t know they had it. As a nurse that tells me your immune system is at work, keeping you updated with antigens for the future.

My backyard where I grew up in Huron.

I’m a planner so here goes …

In 2022 I’d like to write the 3rd thriller novel in the #SouthernSurveillance series which is basically a fictitious story about spies on your phone/mass surveillance, a historical fiction 1830’s-1970’s based in Palmetto, Florida with bits of Georgia and Ohio in there (think pirates, high seas, traders, and locals), a summer beach romance that will become a series based upon some of my favorite spots near the ocean-delicious, sensual, and architecturally inclusive, and finally three children’s books, two of which are written and all three need illustrators.

I hope to get into Barnes & Noble stores, independent book stores, libraries and coffee shops for meet and greets with readers. My books are available everywhere online & yes, I’m self-published and do it alone. Cheers to book sales, readers and reviewers; I’ll drop a fishing line to Netflix and beyond. Maybe I’ll get to see one of my stories on the big screen!

Happy Holidays America,

Caroline Clemens

AKA Kim Troike

Print Release of Magenta Fleurs

12 May

My print release is here! Ingram Sparks has it and I’m elated. You must know I’m a cost conscientious individual self-published writer looking for an audience. Where are you readers? Stuck at home, waiting for the go ahead to get back out in the world? How about you try an indie author today! Let me repeat-try an indie author today. What does that even mean? I’m not sure myself but because a top four or five publisher hasn’t discovered me yet, I think I fit in the indie, out there place, of undiscovered writers. I’ll even stay there when I find my reading group. Some people give me tips and I follow up by writing the best story I possibly can. If you found me then let’s play together in the sand, enjoy the ocean, maybe even listen to some great tunes. Let’s feel the reel world as it moves by on social media. Catch my drift?

My colors seem to be off, as in too bright a green and the magenta is purple. While I fix that let’s talk books. Fixed it. It’s always something in publishing. The digital was released in March of this year and my book club was going to read it, then a posting glitch knocked it off its platform and needless to say it was canceled. Woke and canceled-I felt the burn. Kind of like the past year and a half that we have all experienced. Seriously, politics and media have destroyed us or are we simply destroying ourselves through social media? Great question.

Anyhow let’s get back to the beach and a great read. If you buy and read please, please, leave a review. It helps others to know if they might like the book. I’ve looked forward and would like to write more books and maybe submit another screenplay. The starving artist is not a role in life I ever expected to take. That’s not me. I always showed up, did the work, became a highly trusted individual, made money, made lots of money (well to me it was and I saved it). But writing and being creative takes bits of your soul that you share with others then mix truths, plots, fiction and settings into this large bowl (your mind) and make a new masterpiece. That’s right you bake a cake! And who will love it? You never know until they try it.

Enjoy your summer. Let’s make this little cake go viral or universal. Tell your friends, pass it forward. I’m being greedy-I want readers so that I can write again and give you something extraordinaire. Streaming is big business and you never know maybe they’ll make a movie or TV show. That was NEVER my goal but I must admit I think about it now because I was never this close to it before. Do dreams come true? Silly you, of course they do. Women, let’s encourage each other and not tear each other down. We already have to compete with men and many of them remain at a high level. I mean did you watch the football draft and the guys getting $30 million for a contract. My body was salivating, head was shaking, smiling from ear to ear. I clapped for them but my mind raced in wonderment why GIRLS don’t have a glimpse of that luxurious cash endorsement. I aim to bring the battle closer and win once or twice!

Magenta Fleurs would like to be the book in your hands this summer, at the beach, in your condo, at your grandparents house, or even out on a boat. Pour a glass of champagne, play some music and treat yourself. You deserve a wonderful life and it starts right here! Thank you for reading.

Magenta Fleurs is a tragic thriller, domestic crime drama and the parallel sequel to Three King Mackerel and a Mahi Mahi. It can be read alone or in any sequence. College students read Shakespeare’s To Be or Not To Be while 1984 hits the coast as Miss 007 paints a canvas in the swamp. What on earth is happening in south Georgia? Kristan settles into college meeting new friends and classmates but by December her life changes and she relies on strangers to assist her going forward. Her new guy friend from English Literature meets her friend Scarlet and they begin a romance, while a trip to a castle on an island produces an outcome no one saw coming at Thanksgiving. Twists and turns and reels keeps this writer and her storytelling provocative with literary fiction lovers enthralled.

Email the author @ carolineclemensauthor@gmail.com for comments.

Credit to Adrian Pasarin from Instagram for the delightful cover that reigns supreme!

Author Book Release

26 Dec


I’m pleased to announce a book release by author Caroline Clemens. The title is Chocolate for Lilly, a 1920’s historical fiction set in America. This exciting time in American history is described by Mark Twain as the Gilded Age. You will discover all the revelations through her eyes and characters in cities like New York, Chicago, and St. Augustine. This book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo!

In addition to her books, her store sells products related to her books like coffee mugs, tee shirts for men and women, and pretty kid tees and baby clothes. You’ll find these on Zazzle. Use the end of year code for huge markdowns!

The Ivory Tide Store

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Caroline Clemens Novels

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Thank you for stopping by to visit my blog. Enjoy your holidays!

Kim Troike


A Wonderful Decision

27 May

Teens“Did you talk to Dad about getting my belly button pierced?” she asked. My raised eyebrows and stunned look didn’t tell her a thing. She smiled back at me and said, “After all, I passed Math.”

Yes, it’s absolutely true the issues of parenting get larger with increased age, but take a deep breath as you can handle anything you tell yourself. You will have had years of tests, read hundreds of articles, and called your mother a few times to get the age old wisdom no book can deliver as well as her. Let’s go back to the beginning where it all starts.

As a mother of three adopted children I’m experienced but no expert on parenting just like most of the world . When I look back it was a daunting process which didn’t go smoothly, kind of like the infertility issues my husband and I were treated for.  Many people, mostly couples, give up right then and there, and don’t go any further. They decide they’ve had enough. You are on your own to decipher which advice you will take. Will you take your friends advice who heard it through the grapevine of other friends who did this or that? When you finally trust someone, or an agency, will they deliver? Will you be super lucky and get twins?

twinsIf you went through infertility treatments and they worked, well, you are blessed! But if it didn’t work, you are left again to figure it all out if you have the energy, time and money leftover. At this point you wish someone would take your hand and lead you through the maze. This happened for myself after my husband and I stood in our kitchen and he said, “I just can’t do anymore.” He had stood beside me all those years of trying, and I had truly felt his encouragement and desire for kids. If we didn’t go any further I would not be a mom. For some reason I felt destined to be a mother all my life. I could not figure out why God would keep this from me. I said the prayers and asked the question “why” over and over?

Friends and one fellow co-worker responded back with “When God closes a door, he opens a window.” So, I held onto the window theory for quite awhile. Then one day while working in a post-anesthesia care unit at my local hospital my patient woke up. She was a young girl from India and she stared into my eyes. I hadn’t even spoken yet when she said, “Are you a mother?”

I replied, “No. Why do you ask?”

She looked and smiled at me. She said, “Because you should be one.”

Of course I said, “Yes, I know.” This was not the time or place to express the longings of becoming a mother and God forbid the unanswered whys.

Very happily she said, “I’m adopted and it’s the best thing. I love it. I have the best parents in the world.” She went on and on and on. That was my first angel I met.

Tres AngelsAnd the second one came when I called an agency, run by two ladies who had been there done that. The fee was 500 bucks and it became the best money I’d ever spent on our trials and tribulations of becoming parents. They met with you and together came up with five or so agencies that fit your budget and criteria. Details like did you want a newborn, a toddler, siblings, health concerns, maternal drug use, etc., etc.? It’s a scary world out there and you have to come up with your comfort zone. You have to figure out what you can do. Can you take care of special needs? This is realism to the core, honesty and a test, yet again. You get to know yourself very well through this process.

Honestly, I thought maybe it was over for me as I approached the big 4-0. One of my angels I had just met on the phone asked me when that birthday was and I replied, “November.”

I heard her on the other end counting out the months from March. Then she said, “We can do this. It’s possible!” These words gave me hope and my earthly angels were going to look out for me. They understood the pain, the anguish of a basic need … the need to nurture and love. There are no words to describe the feeling when someone believes in you, and wants to help you after everything you’ve endured. This agency called Adoption Information Services did set us up with another wonderful agency called Gift of Life. Both can be found online thanks to the wonderful internet.

Before Gift of Life was able to provide to us our lovely twin daughters, another gift came our way. Our son arrived via what I call the domino effect. Someone who knew someone, who knew another someone who knew our friend, that had told them about us, became our adoption reality. It really does work like that, as they tell you to tell friends and family you want adoption in your life. We were able to be in the delivery room with the birth-mother after only meeting her two weeks before. By the way I turned forty two days later. What a blessing!

twinsWhy do I write about something so personal, so revealing? Because now is the time in my life I am prepared to write these human interest stories, stories of love and brave acts. It’s time we treat these birth mother’s with the respect and dignity they deserve. They are carrying the life and love of a family for which they are brave enough to sacrifice themselves. This is not rejection but the  unconditional love we all long for in life. If we can respect these women that decide this fate, then maybe the children who already love their new families can rest their minds knowing society is behind them and the woman who sacrifices. These are good women who give birth to life and a soul the future.

baby Adoption was a wonderful decision I made back in 1997. My husband thanked me (when our son was born) for continuing the process when he had had enough turbulence with infertility.

Kim Troike is a writer, mother and nurse from Atlanta, Georgia. Her latest novel is “Into the Vines” and is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. She blogs about themes like this one(adoption) present in her contemporary novel of fiction onto theivorytide.com. See her Amazon page here.

By Kim Troike

Cupids Pic Credit by Kim

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Congratulation Graduates

20 May

Congratualtions Graduates Graduations of all sorts are upon the United States and beyond. From high school diplomas to baccalaureate degrees and, of course, all the undergraduate milestone achievements. In Georgia we even celebrate graduation from Pre-K, albeit its the wee ones on stage in all their cuteness with a big decorated cake to follow. Smiles from parents are the prequel to the dream that begins!

What if though the dream never began? What does one look forward to or aspire? I’m no economics major, just an older and wiser individual (forget I said that), well, sometimes we all doubt our intelligence when kids challenge us. But let’s give them aspirations, not just dreams of money and glamor. There are other more worthy attributes with which to cling to.

Driving the teens to school this morning the talk in the car was about the future, the immediate with finals looming in math and chemistry, and the foreseeable future as signs around the neighborhoods boast of who’s who, and where they are headed for the next segment in their lives.

GraduatesOur own neighborhood has two graduates with one headed to the United States Air Force Academy. Wow. This gave me the opportunity to tell my child about this important achievement and what a prestigious direction to be headed in for them. This aspiration or goal may not be my daughters but its good that she knows others want to also achieve. I believe this helps to set them on a good path. I could be wrong, but for now as a parent, I’m believing in the idea that I have some influence over their possible futures. Maybe, maybe not. Some kids will do their own thing, or maybe just take more time getting there. I’ll be waiting with a smile and a kind heart to help them, too.

I am reminded of that old saying, not sure where it comes from, “What ever you do in life, do it well!”

Congratulations GraduatesThis brings me to the cities trying to help their poor, those living in poverty. Los Angeles has endorsed an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2020. This is double the wage now. Will this offer more people the incentive to work and provide for their families? Seattle and San Francisco recently did the same with Chicago to reach $13 an hour. The Mayor of New York City hopes to do the same with $15 an hour being the lowest wage of a city worker. Certainly the recent-past recession, poverty, immigration and our economics in the global arena are all factors for success or not.

They call this the living wage and when we read about wages or incomes from around the world we get mortified. How do people live on such low wages? How do they eat? Maybe they don’t. It makes us glad to live in America, the place so many have come to live and love.

Will raising the minimum wage cause employers to cut hours and offer less benefits to cover those costs and still maintain profits? We definitely need all types of workers as fast food lines are jammed. I have read that ‘experiment’ is the word used about this new wage increase. They are not sure it will work, but we all know that no one should work full time and live in poverty. Depressing.

Florence Nightingale writing lettersNow back to education, graduation and my trip to school this morning. I graduated with a diploma in nursing back in 1979 (took the same test as BSN’s), worked 20 plus years as a Registered Nurse. Now, that’s not good enough. I can’t seem to find employment in a field that has a shortage with the need expected to grow. This is tremendously disappointing, especially for women who stay home for a period of years to take care of children. Then when they return they are told to take an RN re-entry course which costs thousands of dollars. I did that. My recent employment ended in February and now the prospects are slim. I have decided to get the necessary letters behind my name, namely a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing, which may make it easier to get hired. I always thought experience was the big deal. We nurses gave our heart and soul to this profession as we sacrificed lunch breaks, worked long hours, weekends, nights, holidays and were called the hand maidens of doctors. Seriously, I lived through this. That’s another article.

Times have changed. It’s still a worthy and necessary profession but I’ve been encouraging my daughter to be more, look at a better title in the medical profession with more respect and pay. Obviously, I didn’t want her to work so hard and sacrifice. She told me she might like to work hospice and I melted right there in the car. My angel wants to work with people who are dying. Immediately, I refracted and corrected myself. I told her that some of us older nurses are a bit weathered, and please understand that hopefully things have changed. After all, I want the best for her.

Hospice NursesAnd then it hit me just like that … If I lay dying in hospice, I would absolutely, unequivocally love to listen to the the soft voice of an angel comforting me; then I would look into those sweet eyes from heaven before I died and leave this world with a smile.

This would be important work, not done for the money, but fulfilling to the heart and soul which calls those special people, men or women in life to comfort our being.

Whatever choices your graduate has made best wishes to them. They made the best choice by seeking out a better life through education or completion from our encouragements through the years. Cheers to the contributions they’ll make to this world. Congratulations to all the graduates the world over! Let’s encourage their futures from Pre-K to Young Adults.

My novel Into the Vines has a character named Daniela who is a young nurse with dreams. Currently I am writing novels of fiction with relative experiences I’ve encountered. Available on Amazon and other sites. Into the Vines by Kim Troike.


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By Kim Troike


**This piece may be used/reprinted for publication with due credit. Please contribute per Paypal via my email on the about page. Thank you.

Novel Excerpt

26 Apr

Into the Vines by Kim Troike

Kim TroikeAn Excerpt from part one, French Bleu:

Waving goodbye, she knew she was ready for this. Daniela did not like flying. She blamed the stomach twisting, chest tightening, and anxious thoughts on her parents long ago plane crash, but she bounded for the gate with her bag full of new clothes, nonetheless, showing no hesitation. She was going to Paris! I wish I had taken a French class or listened to audio books or something. I know nothing! Oh, well, I’ll just have to wing it, she mused, as she boarded the plane. The flight attendant, a pretty French woman with dark hair and red lips, set her up for a movie with ear buds and took her drink order.

“Mademoiselle Daniela, champagne for you. Please enjoy!” said the flight attendant with a light, gorgeous accent. She handed her the small bottle and a glass filled with bubbly.

Bleu MoonOoh la la, thought Daniela, thinking like a French gal, as she giggled. She sipped her champagne as she leaned back to watch the in-flight film in French, wanting to immerse herself in the culture as soon as possible. The male protagonist was very smooth talking and extremely handsome, and so far the plot seemed to involve him taking some beauty on a moped to the seashore. Daniela was at two glasses of champagne by the time the plane was mid Atlantic, and she didn’t have a care in the world. So much for being worried. Daniela drifted off and dreamt she was in a cabin, looking out the window towards the sea.

The Aegean Sea was a bright turquoise blue, and sparkling white caps were crashing against the sandy grey shore. The sky was washed denim, and she took it all in as her lover came up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders, pulling her into his chest. She shivered with anticipation and desire as his breath tickled her neck and his tongue traveled the outer shell of her ear. Daniela’s chest heaved, and his hands traveled down and moved lightly across her stomach. This sensation felt electric and radiated across her body. His right hand traveled up searching until he pushed her shoulder into him, causing her to gasp in pleasure. Turning her head, she met his mouth and they kissed luxuriously.

Daniela took a deep breath, startled, and tasted her lips, expecting something besides champagne. She had fallen asleep and had been awakened by a dreamy kiss. She straightened herself in her seat, embarrassed, before getting up to go to the bathroom. Champagne . . . Flying . . . Crazy dreams. Good dreams. When she was done, she returned to her seat. “You okay?” asked the lady next to her.

by Kim TroikeToday begins my promo for Into the Vines! The novel was released in January 2015 with a mellow celebration of sorts, similar to a coaster ride ending its journey after a thrill and then glides back into the station. Now, I’m ready to rock n roll and shake things up a bit! Up above in this excerpt you read the beginning, the opening of wonderful things to happen for a young nurse making a transatlantic flight. You can purchase this contemporary novel of fiction for teens, YA, or adults on Amazon and Barnes & Noble under my name Kim Troike or go here.

Once a week I’ll be posting full length articles, newsworthy or pertaining to the novel and definitely global at times. Please join me over the next nine months in my creative  and journalistic endeavor. Thanks for stopping by!

Kim Troike

photo credit Amazon.com & Thinkstock


12 Mar



Hawa dreams of flying a plane someday, while Francis possesses natural talents of the musical kind. Together they keep a secret for fear of retribution.

The above words are from the back cover of my novel “Into the Vines” parlaying thoughts about one of my young characters, the protagonist named Hawa. There’s a whole story behind my story as I followed newsworthy events, tragedies and people from all over the world. As a nurse we care about people, we take an oath toward healing. It just comes natural after you do it for so long. It feels good and right.

Hawa came to me easily and she developed before my eyes and pen as I wrote about someone I’d never met. But, you see I have, through all the countless patients and families I’ve met over my lifetime. I was also a little girl a long time ago.

I invite you to come and read about her and others in this contemporary story of realism set amongst global ideals.

The island of Dorado fuels the explorer in those that are privileged to set foot there. A small island with a volcano set amongst the islands in the south seas of the Pacific Ocean holds mysteries and adventures one only dreams about. This is where the Ceremonial Cliffs face the west and can be reached by foot, if so inclined, or helicopter. Those who reach the Cliffs, reach it together through teamwork.

Map to DoradoHawa has faced hardship through no fault of her own and comes to friendly arms by way of grace from another. In turn, she faces situations foreign to her, and the unknown begets a willingness to be strong and fearless, yet her heart beats on. There’s a softness she seeks. What is this?

Excerpt ... Silently, she watched as a man opened the door and went around to the other side to let his passenger out. When he did this, she saw and her eyes grew wide; it was her hero, her Olivier.

Just as fast as a snake can strike, a crocodile can flip over, she opened the door and leapt like a lion, not parting from her gaze as she ran to see her favorite person in the entire world.

“Olivier,” she whispered as she realized her lack of breath. The couple turned and looked in surprise to see Hawa running toward them. Olivier and Hawa exchanged hugs and more hugs.

Olivier picked up Hawa and gave her a big squeeze and asked, “How’s my favorite fishing lady? Or is it now garden lady?” He teased her and they laughed.

By Kim Troike

Into the Vines

Google Images Credit



Into the Vines

26 Jan

by Kim Troike


This is the cover reveal for my novel “Into the Vines.”


I think it turned out perfect. It is up on Amazon for print and later will be available per e-book or kindle.


Have a look … Into the Vines on Amazon here.



The book synopsis is on the back cover and here is what it says:

Into the Vines is a novel of discovery, personal triumph and heroism. French Bleu, a vintage-jazz nightclub in Paris offers a reprieve to its inhabitants from death, illness and captivity. Olivier is a pilot who rescues stranded and desperate souls from famine and war torn areas of Africa, while Daniela, a young nurse, seeks that which is amiss in her own life. Brie, a strong woman, must find a destiny which awaits her own ambition. She celebrates a milestone birthday after encountering an illness, bringing grace and experience in her search for something more.

Daniela dreamed. “I want to be as confident as Brie on a sunny day in Savannah in the summertime” From the vineyard cooking school in the garden-like Loire Valley, where these three lives meet, to the streets of Paris, where fate brings blessings from angst and longing. This story revels in realism.

This sanctuary seemingly held an inspirational deity as they witnessed a spiritual unity on the Ceremonial Cliffs. Hawa dreams of flying a plane someday, while Francis possesses natural talents of the musical kind. Together they keep a secret for fear of retribution. “I heard LOVE lasts forever and my mom says there are all kinds of love. So maybe you should find another kind of love, since your first love lasted forever” said Francis.

My Author page on Amazon can be seen here: Kim Troike Author page here.

Other books I’ve written can be viewed here as well: Books by Kim Troike here.

Thank you for stopping by today. Of course, I’m very proud of myself and actually, it’s quite unbelievable! I think I’ve got this writing thing somewhat developed, and therefore may try to write another self-published novel for summer. You see, I’m quite goal oriented and probably have my mother or father or grandmother’s to thank for that. Maybe, it’s just being one of five and recording everything in my brain that later tries to retell it making new outcomes. I think it’s plain old creativity you are born with. Who knows?

Self-promotion is difficult but a must do for us Indie Authors. Period. I will post on Tuesdays something relevant to my novel on one of my blogs, which will make it to Twitter and Tumblr. Then, I’ll be hanging around on Fridays for fun! Please comment as I’d love to hear from readers, authors and others. 😉

By Kim Troike

~Into the Vines is for teens, YA, and contemporary fiction adult readers.

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