22 Nov


Hello Bloggers! I have a brand new novel out with three short stories inside. Just released and contains a beautiful story of fiction about Marblehead Lighthouse in northern Ohio. It’s perfect for the holidays and gift giving. More to come in the new year 2020.


Please have a wonderful holiday shared with friends and family.

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Caroline Clemens *pen

Two Book Release

23 Aug

Hello Bloggers! Update … Bookstore


I’m ecstatic! Finally my two books have been released in print & digital. The digital price is 7.99 and the print price varies. Order now as by October the price will be 9.99 for digital and 17.99 for print, unless you are a library or store where you can order for a volume discount. The covers are beautiful and were done by Daniela Owergoor from Brasil. The page count and word count for both are similar at around 290 pages and 60K words. I suppose this feels comfortable for me in telling a story!

I’ll be working a stylist job and plan to begin more novels this October 1st. I kind of miss the writing. The creation of it is the bomb, seriously. I hope you like the material I’ve put out there. The verdict of my writing is not in as yet. But for me it’s a masterpiece and see that’s a wonderful spot to be in. Liking your own stuff, well, that’s it, that’s life!

I created a new zine … that’s a small online paper for whatever you want it to be. Mine is and will be out 4-6X a year. I’m promoting others work and in the future more of my own. Win-win.

You’ll find my novels “Chocolate For Lilly” and “Three King Mackerel and a Mahi Mahi” here on Amazon

Please visit  as my blogging is done for now. My stories will be there on the zine along with others.


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26 Mar

Montserrat 16

For some reason I visited the bloggers sites yesterday after reading a post. I discovered a series of photos from a photographer. They had been discarded and rediscovered. I looked through and found that several touched something in me. I sent an email as such. He said I could have some if I liked. I picked many and found my favorite, only knowing that the lady reminded me of something, several things.

The elderly woman I shall call Pearl (the name of the magazine I hope to start this August). Pearl was my grandmother, very near and dear. My other grandmother lived on an island way up north. She was a very hard worker, kind of like the lady shown. There’s a third element I’ll save for the end. Who cares about these ladies? I do. I listened to their stories over the years, over and over. I spent numerous hours within their care and guidance. That’s what happens when your mother has five children. You become the babysitter or end up at grandma’s house. I count that as a blessing!

Endless hours of coloring books, making brownies, watching cartoons, running up to the corner drugstore buying whatever you want, like candy. The other grandmother lived so far away you had to spend the summer there. Wow. I was on my own. I had to learn to cook, to fish, to milk cows, bail boats, raise the flag on the pole and take it down securely and properly with pride. Then there was church-that’s a segment by itself. You see I had no complaints growing up; I was too busy. I loved it.

I wonder about the lady in the picture. Where is she going? Is she off to the market to buy a fresh catch? Or has she just been to church and given little of her little cash worth? What story has she told her grandchildren? Does she have any? Who cares? I do. We need to care about these ladies who have weathered everything. They have little money, little things, but pride, oh yes. And stories to tell if you listen. We’ve moved away so our youth have very few elders to help them and make them feel empowered by ones that love them. Day care has walls and strange faces, at first, anyway. Family should take care of family when available. Impressions are being made on your little humans wherever you plant them. Love them good.

You see my own mother lost her husband to a tragedy while pregnant with me. What did she do? She went back to work and hired a nanny for my sister and I. They tell me I had a black nanny. I don’t remember. But possibly my brain remembers and that’s why this picture touches me. I wonder what stories she told me? I have a connection as I started out in life and it was a person of color that affected and touched me. I’m sure of it. She spent every day with me while my mother worked. That and the purse. While that woman in the picture holds onto her purse my very own grandmother had one of her own.

My beautiful Pearl clutched onto her purse with her money in it after she sold her home. She lay bedridden for many years prior but had bought and sold her home herself. She had worked her entire life and the money lay in her purse for a little while anyway. These are the threads of life in all of us. These are our connections. They’ve been there all along we just become numb through others not telling us the correct stories or are out for our money, or prevent us from getting ahead through inequality. The picture above is my Pearl, not my biologic Pearl, but the story of who we are. She had legs that took her places while my grandmother did not. But they both had the purse. And I care about that. Pearl is a great name for a magazine I think. What do you think?

You never know when inspiration will strike. And boy did it strike me yesterday. I am actually on hiatus as I’ve just released two books, one in December and the other a few weeks ago. Why am I on hiatus? From writing? Because I’m selling my home. That’s big business with going through everything from a lifetime, to cleaning, to Goodwill and beyond. Oh yeah: the windows, the gutters, the carpets must all be cleaned, and of course, the storage room and garage, too. We must make it look glorious for a prospective new home owner!

Put the sign in the yard. What for? We have the internet. Take the pet with you when you leave to show the house. Details. I’m headed for that simpler life. How on earth did I do it all?

By Caroline Clemens

Photography by APMcGrath





Author Book Release

26 Dec


I’m pleased to announce a book release by author Caroline Clemens. The title is Chocolate for Lilly, a 1920’s historical fiction set in America. This exciting time in American history is described by Mark Twain as the Gilded Age. You will discover all the revelations through her eyes and characters in cities like New York, Chicago, and St. Augustine. This book is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kobo!

In addition to her books, her store sells products related to her books like coffee mugs, tee shirts for men and women, and pretty kid tees and baby clothes. You’ll find these on Zazzle. Use the end of year code for huge markdowns!

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Holiday Shopping

2 Dec


I am reminded of my trip to The Biltmore House last Thanksgiving 2016. I took this picture and love the artistry in it. Do you? I did a three part segment on the place-just scroll back. I highly recommend visiting with your family. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year.

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My New Favorite Harbor-Destin Harbor

24 Oct

This geometric photo is my organized brain. These photos or pictures draw me in and I feel connected.

That would be Emerald Grande or The Harbor Walk. There are a few names but its the harbor in Destin, Florida by the bridge, yeah, that one! I believe this is my fourth time or maybe fifth. I’ve been deep sea fishing twice, boarded a boat searching for dolphins, took a ferry over to a private island to sunbath, and watched the sunset from various locations. There is still more to do.


These jet skiis are calling my name but I need someone to go with me. Alas, next time I have the teens here we will do this all around the harbor.

I would like to jet ski with my teens, go fishing again, and maybe take a sunset dinner cruise. Did I mention shopping? I’m not an expert on that but I know twins that love to shop, namely mine.


I snuck this pretty photo in here as I had just purchased new covers for my titles. This is available as a digital read on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

I love music, so maybe a band while sipping a beer or wine could be a good thang. That’s twang for a good time. Okay, seriously most people know about the emerald coast and it can get crowded but if you can go in the off season-you’ll thank me. You’re welcome!


My husband Michael eats oysters whenever he gets a chance-he loves ’em. We ate at AJ’s on the water. Great people-friendly and very busy!

If you walk the Harbor you’ll find all kinds of places to dine or drink and use up your time. You can read your book back at the room while you cool off.


Can you believe the color in this incredible photo? Peaches and oranges with a stilted road. God is beautiful. God is great. And something else I forgot from some country tune. I’ll know it next time I hear it.


I just leaned over and took a picture-I did not know it would be my favorite one of all. That’s life isn’t it? You just don’t know what you might like until you try it. Like writing I didn’t know it would present a huge challenge for me that I would crazily kind of like.

Thanks for stopping by.

Pictures by kimtroikephotos

Ft. Myers June 2017

27 Aug

Welcome to my blog ‘theivorytide!’ It’s a mix of travel, beaches, museums, oceans, my store, and a little bit of music. I still love coming here and I hope you do too. My travel has not been what it once was as I had to budget the teens, job loss, etc. However, I found a way and this past June I took my newly graduated girls to Ft. Myers, Florida.


The graduation party from high school was June 3rd and we left the fourth. I’m not so sure that was smart as the dining room table was still full of party glitz when I returned. The beautiful picture above is a moonset. Yes, that’s my unofficial term for the moon going down at about 4:30 am. After several days of rain (I forgot the beginning of June is Florida’s rainy season) for some reason I awoke very early and went to the window. My beautiful surprise was this gorgeous setting filling the sky. Our room was directly on the beach, lucky me! The blues were soft, serene, and soul filling with love. That’s my best description. I had never seen anything like it; soon it was gone but I did capture it.


Midway through the week one of my daughter’s and I headed for the opposite coast as in east coast. Her orientation for college was near Florida Atlantic so we drove there and back in one day. Of course, the storm hit us on the way back and hit us hard. A torrential pour with winds and flooding pursued. I made it but the only thing besides orientation to show for it was a lovely large magpie calling out at lunchtime. That happens to be my other daughter’s nickname, hence, she was near us when we were away. That’s a twin thing, trust me its real. We dined at JB’s on the Beach near the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier. This little town is quaint and right below Boca Raton on the map. Driving around here is quite easy on Ocean Blvd. and the sights are lovely, like you’ve stepped back in time when people drove somewhat slower, rode bicycles, smiled more, and adored the sunshine and view (no hotels on the beach side for a long section).


I’m flopping around here, not in sequence, showcasing my pictures for you. This lovely hotel is a restored 1920’s Floridian Hotel in Bradenton, Florida. It is the Hampton Inn and Suites in the historic district. We stayed here on the way down from Atlanta and I was so glad we did. It is a real treasure. We walked to dinner a block or two away. Part of the street is blocked off and we had a great dinner in a bricked pub. The hotel was superb right on the waterfront over the bridge.


Back down to Ft. Myers as we welcomed the sun which came out on day three after the 13″ of rain. The Florida people loved the welcoming sight of fresh water-we vacationers not so much. But when it did come out it was glorious, more colors, huge waves, and plenty of sailing. This continuous storm and enormous waves reminded me of growing up on Lake Erie. That small lake could stew up a summer storm in fifteen minutes knocking catamarans off their course. This day felt like home only I was on the ocean.


We stayed at the Edison Beach House Hotel on the Gulf of Mexico in Fort Myers, Florida. It was fantastic! I booked this myself from the internet and it did not disappoint. The lady caretaker and her son do a wonderful job with personalized service. I would definitely stay there again. Each room is unique and you can pick it out online. They remain booked but check it out in advance to reserve your room like I did. Our views were superb and we looked out at the fishing pier nearby. The town on San Carlos Blvd is within walking distance for dining and shopping. You can even walk to the other side where the canal and port is for fishing, dining, watching yachts go by, etc. Named after Edison, the inventor had a winter home nearby, and this little charmer has flags from many nations out front. They care about you and this unique house on the beach.


Beach shops, restaurants, and bars … there is something for all. Yes, I had a margarita at one of the places on San Carlos!


I’ll leave you with this peaceful moon set! I only had seconds really to grab my phone and snap a few pictures as it went down behind the clouds. Many of us watch the sunset and the moon-rise but have you ever watched a moon-set?

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Photography by Kim Troike

My Designs on Zazzle

21 Aug


Take a look at my store on Zazzle if you haven’t as yet. This is the spring/summer items they sell for me. I’ll be doing another selection very soon for fall/winter 2017.

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Athens, Georgia

26 Jul


Recently I visited the city of Athens, Georgia for a championship swim event. My daughter and I ate downtown at the South City Kitchen upon her suggestion. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Look what I found.


We entered the old building that is from around 1908 and found it fully restored to its grandeur. The people came and went and the whole place was a flurry of night time entertainment.


For instance, there was a wedding in place with beautiful girls wearing soft peach dresses. My waiter told me there are three back rooms, ballrooms, for weddings and events. As we ate dinner we had a window seat to a couple’s glorious once in a lifetime event!


I couldn’t help but stare at the chandeliers and think about the days of old in America. Things were more formal, and possibly, slower, thus allowing time to stretch out and make us feel grateful versus our fast paced selfie lives.


Here is a mirrored view with candles. Go ahead light a candle and make a wish or say a prayer because in America you can do either or both. It’s called FREEDOM and I love it.

Thanks for stopping by,

Kim Troike

Photography by me.

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Nobody Asked

18 Jul

*First up this is an opinion piece. While I usually write with optimism, little constructive criticism, and niceties galore, this isn’t that. Believe me, I’m not a bitter person, just older and wiser, and, by now, have formulated a few opinions. It’s just that no one is asking-so I thought I’d give my two cents to one of the most complicated problems around. I always thought Obamacare was the bridge, not that they didn’t try, just that we need to do a couple attempts at this. Time to hit land on the other side. Here goes. I’ll try to tread lightly.

Woman day dreaming while sitting on a pier

Happy woman sitting on the edge of a porch , shoes lying in foreground

When did healthcare become all about insurance, medications, surgery, medications, pre-existing conditions, medications, pain killers, medications, opioid addictions, medications, oversized premiums, medications, heavy fines, medications, billing correctly to receive maximum government money, medications, soaking the government, medications, unnecessary surgeries, medications, deep pockets, medications, fraud, and a business out of control?

What do I know? I was only a nurse for 38 years caring for patients and families while pursuing the best outcome, obeying doctors orders and complying with rules and regulations. Nurses don’t take long lunches,  if any, don’t drive Mercedes with heated seats, nor sports cars, get bonuses for cutting employees jobs while building new wings to make more money for them and the doctors they allow to work for them. Yes, I know healthcare has become a money driven business with new technologies that Americans take for granted, and expect it to be there for them (when they want it).

But who is governing all this, and the outcomes of such care? The very caregivers who make the money on it? What about the quality of life? Does anyone care about the outcomes that don’t get talked about? Does anyone read the page of what ifs, what might happen to you? Like flying a plane we take our chances and relish the good life when the trip or surgery is complete. We made it to our destination! What about those that don’t make it off the table, stroke, bleed out, and end up in a vegetative state?

Where’s the money? Whose pocket is it lining? The doctors? The hospital administrators? The insurance companies? Because its not lining the pockets of nurses. Hard work for decent pay is what nursing is all about. But nobody asked me. Where is the money and why can’t we have healthcare for all? Because the system is bloated that’s why. Nurses are the answer in my opinion.

The nurses could be driving down healthcare while becoming more useful, instead they still can’t act independently and must be the handmaiden to the all important doctor who controls the money, or by now the controller is the insurance company. I would like to see nurse practitioners and other qualified nurses (like ER and ICU nurses) help to drive down costs from the single largest deliverer of care: the nursing personnel.

In this new era we need nurses to do more than assist bedside care for post op patients. Their education costs are less, yet highly qualified to do more than they are presently doing. Certainly Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and CRNA’s can fill the gap. Like most Americans I’m ready to bring down costs and we should keep trying until we get it right. If you include only the bosses, doctors, hospital administrators, insurance companies, or Congress, then you only have the profiteers opinion. This is not democracy.

Why do we have so many hospitals and sick people? Maybe we don’t have enough parks for people to take walks. Maybe we take too much medicine and its making us sick! Why should a CEO make 4.5 million and cut jobs of the very people caring for the ill, while it hires more money managers to make sure it gets all the refunds and money from the government? To stay in business you’d say. The government would be us, taxpayers and citizens, buying goods.

If I had all the answers, well then, I’m sure I would win an award. But nobody asked me. But I sure would have liked to been asked to participate and contribute after I’ve given a lifetime to nursing. I helped patients get better, relieve pain, assist doctors while they make lots of money, helping secretaries secure and charge well to retrieve all monies due from insurance, people, and government. Wait. The government is me and I would have liked to have been asked as I remember all the dying patients, stroke patients, helpless patients, and yes, healed patients.

Why does everyone believe in pills so much? Certainly the human body is near perfect most of the time. Could it be the people need to get moving more (fit bit), eat better, love better, wash your hands more with soap, use less chemicals, seek more natural remedies, smile more, say I love you, take up a hobby, take care of their children and parents, quit suing so much, drive more carefully, moderation of all the devils deeds, and eat your fruits and vegetables?

I wish nurses would have been asked to be a part of this process during this crucial time in our country. Maybe they were, like I said I am not up on everything. This is just my two cents. Anyhow they could tell you more than just cost since they don’t pocket the money. Are they overlooked because they are mainly a women’s field? I know that is changing immensely as it should. Why do they seem to always get the short end of the stick? Getting more degrees so you can sit behind a desk and tell others what to do and write more procedures to comply with does not make sense. Is there an apple with that procedure? Nurses are over complied, overfilled with rules that employees can hardly remember all of them instead of caring and getting the person better more quickly. Compliance. Compliance. Compliance.

Seriously, I know about strictness and doing things correctly. I’m a by-the-book gal on mostly everything. I just think there’s a simpler way. Simplicity is my motto as much as possible. I do sound like a nurse who was overworked, underpaid, and undervalued her whole life. I did the best. Now what? We can not keep abusing and paying for the out of control healthcare system. If a person chooses to not have healthcare-so be it. In the end they get the minimum. Period. Why charge them a tax or penalty? That is wrong. This is America and we are about freedoms.

I wonder what our president thinks about healthcare? Penalizing people because they don’t buy into it strikes me as not a good plan. I don’t think healthcare is a right! Breathing, Eating, Drinking, Food, Shelter and Freedoms, these are rights. Below are my ideas, basics to be expounded upon.

Three Basic Plans …


Delivered by Nurses (nurse practitioner’s & well qualified nurses, ER, ICU, etc.)

Small FEE or FREE for indigent (welfare)

Immunizations, colds, Flu, Paps, Baby needs, Mammograms, BC, well checks, BP    & Diabetes care, prescriptions by doctors, wound care, antibiotics, eyeglasses, food stamp program delivered by nurses (pick up at CVS and Walgreens, requirements).

Delivered at local corner drugstores, nursing homes, etc., by nurses under doctors stamped orders.

Alternative Therapies Availability via nurses referral: yoga, dance, music, art, talk.


Delivered by Doctors, Surgeons

Co-Pay from insurance companies free market via work and other purchases.

Cancer, Maternity (not delivered by nurse), Baby, Strokes, Maintenance Meds & Conditions, Cosmetic, Joints, etc.

Delivered at hospitals, outpatient centers, dialysis centers, x-rays, cardiac care centers.


Delivered by Doctors and Nurses at hospitals

Co-Pay from insurance companies via work or FREE to indigent

Accidents, burns, bones, emergency surgeries, hospital emergency rooms.

Doctors and Nurses can opt to work here to pay for medical and nursing school bills. One year residency programs for doctors or nurses to alleviate school burden.

*Non profits or churches must contribute to society by giving back if they own buildings such as quarterly FREE days for your parishioners of basic care delivered by nurses, paid to the nurses.

*Nurses, Doctors and other healthcare providers contribute to these FREE services for indigent care as part of their yearly hours required for license renewal. Just think of how much good we could do instead of boring hours via the computer we hardly remember.

I appreciate comments or criticism. I’m always learning. The world will be a better place because you care!

Opinion piece by Kim Troike

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