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Print Release of Magenta Fleurs

12 May

My print release is here! Ingram Sparks has it and I’m elated. You must know I’m a cost conscientious individual self-published writer looking for an audience. Where are you readers? Stuck at home, waiting for the go ahead to get back out in the world? How about you try an indie author today! Let me repeat-try an indie author today. What does that even mean? I’m not sure myself but because a top four or five publisher hasn’t discovered me yet, I think I fit in the indie, out there place, of undiscovered writers. I’ll even stay there when I find my reading group. Some people give me tips and I follow up by writing the best story I possibly can. If you found me then let’s play together in the sand, enjoy the ocean, maybe even listen to some great tunes. Let’s feel the reel world as it moves by on social media. Catch my drift?

My colors seem to be off, as in too bright a green and the magenta is purple. While I fix that let’s talk books. Fixed it. It’s always something in publishing. The digital was released in March of this year and my book club was going to read it, then a posting glitch knocked it off its platform and needless to say it was canceled. Woke and canceled-I felt the burn. Kind of like the past year and a half that we have all experienced. Seriously, politics and media have destroyed us or are we simply destroying ourselves through social media? Great question.

Anyhow let’s get back to the beach and a great read. If you buy and read please, please, leave a review. It helps others to know if they might like the book. I’ve looked forward and would like to write more books and maybe submit another screenplay. The starving artist is not a role in life I ever expected to take. That’s not me. I always showed up, did the work, became a highly trusted individual, made money, made lots of money (well to me it was and I saved it). But writing and being creative takes bits of your soul that you share with others then mix truths, plots, fiction and settings into this large bowl (your mind) and make a new masterpiece. That’s right you bake a cake! And who will love it? You never know until they try it.

Enjoy your summer. Let’s make this little cake go viral or universal. Tell your friends, pass it forward. I’m being greedy-I want readers so that I can write again and give you something extraordinaire. Streaming is big business and you never know maybe they’ll make a movie or TV show. That was NEVER my goal but I must admit I think about it now because I was never this close to it before. Do dreams come true? Silly you, of course they do. Women, let’s encourage each other and not tear each other down. We already have to compete with men and many of them remain at a high level. I mean did you watch the football draft and the guys getting $30 million for a contract. My body was salivating, head was shaking, smiling from ear to ear. I clapped for them but my mind raced in wonderment why GIRLS don’t have a glimpse of that luxurious cash endorsement. I aim to bring the battle closer and win once or twice!

Magenta Fleurs would like to be the book in your hands this summer, at the beach, in your condo, at your grandparents house, or even out on a boat. Pour a glass of champagne, play some music and treat yourself. You deserve a wonderful life and it starts right here! Thank you for reading.

Magenta Fleurs is a tragic thriller, domestic crime drama and the parallel sequel to Three King Mackerel and a Mahi Mahi. It can be read alone or in any sequence. College students read Shakespeare’s To Be or Not To Be while 1984 hits the coast as Miss 007 paints a canvas in the swamp. What on earth is happening in south Georgia? Kristan settles into college meeting new friends and classmates but by December her life changes and she relies on strangers to assist her going forward. Her new guy friend from English Literature meets her friend Scarlet and they begin a romance, while a trip to a castle on an island produces an outcome no one saw coming at Thanksgiving. Twists and turns and reels keeps this writer and her storytelling provocative with literary fiction lovers enthralled.

Email the author @ carolineclemensauthor@gmail.com for comments.

Credit to Adrian Pasarin from Instagram for the delightful cover that reigns supreme!

Vineyards in Georgia

13 May

Monteluce VineyardYou can explore North Georgia wineries and vineyards after a short drive from Atlanta. Among some of the well known vineyards, there are also places to get away and stay overnight.

Tiger Mountain Vineyards has Cabernet Franc and Malbec (my favorite as of late) wines from Rabun County, while Crane Creek is near Brasstown Bald, the highest peak in Georgia. Habersham is popular due to its vicinity near Helen, the alpine village reminiscent of a European Swiss town. Tours and tasting are available at most vineyards.

Wolf Mountain Vineyard and Winery in Dahlonega has a delicious Sunday brunch, served buffet style and lunches too on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. For the Italian meal visit Monteluce winery and Estates, which I did a while back with friends. Next on my list are Chateau Elan and Three Sisters, which I’ve been to before I wrote my novel “Into the Vines.”

20130609-223133.jpgI’m thinking of checking with them on doing a book signing. Maybe they will let me sell my books and they serve lunch! A couple of the vineyards are mentioned in my book so this sounds like a win-win situation. Surreal. I’ll be sure to bring you pictures and stories of these vineyards as I visit them this summer or early fall. Can’t wait!


Monteluce Winery and Estates

This winery is located ten minutes from Dahlonega at 946 Via Monteluce, Dahlonega, Georgia 30533. Phone number is 706-867-4060.

The property consists of 400 acres and from the Tuscan Villa setting atop the endless vistas can be seen from every direction, including the mountains to the north. The 25,000 square foot winery and restaurant serves award wining wines from 10 different grape varieties. There is a tasting room and the Le Vigne Restaurant offers food grown locally and organically.

BLUEBrunch, Lunch and Dinner are served, indoors or outdoors, with venues for weddings and honeymoons, too, as they have villas available for rent. All this is close to 400, the main highway out of Atlanta.

I shared a special lunch with friends after a quick drive from the suburbs. We caught up via chatter then enjoyed the delicious lunch and wine tasting, of course, while surrounded by the lavish vine filled hillsides. I believe its time for another trip to Monteluce!


Click below on ExploreGeorgia.org for all the finite details of these wineries mentioned. Purchase my novel Into the Vines by clicking on the above cover, and join us for lunch and a book signing at one of these vineyards. More to come!

By Kim Troike


photography by Kim Troike

pictures at Monteluce Vineyards & Estates

Book Store Appearance

25 Mar

Welcome new followers to my blog here on WordPress! I’m happy to announce that I’ve been invited to appear at the FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock on Friday, April 3rd @6:30pm.

Here’s the Facebook post for the Shoppe: FoxTale Book Shoppe

by Kim TroikeIt’s located off the town center in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Recently, I had lunch there with Laura Lippman for the presentation of her new novel Hush Hush. Mary Kay Andrews was present and gave the introduction.

It was wonderful to speak with other authors and meet readers in a casual atmosphere. Another writer I met was from Sweden and she lives in Decatur temporarily. This was a wonderful and new experience for me.

Love to see you there!

Kim Troike

Thank you to FoxTale Book Shoppe for the event held on April 3rd.

See Facebook post for all the authors in attendance: Facebook

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