Athens, Georgia

26 Jul


Recently I visited the city of Athens, Georgia for a championship swim event. My daughter and I ate downtown at the South City Kitchen upon her suggestion. I couldn’t have been more pleased. Look what I found.


We entered the old building that is from around 1908 and found it fully restored to its grandeur. The people came and went and the whole place was a flurry of night time entertainment.


For instance, there was a wedding in place with beautiful girls wearing soft peach dresses. My waiter told me there are three back rooms, ballrooms, for weddings and events. As we ate dinner we had a window seat to a couple’s glorious once in a lifetime event!


I couldn’t help but stare at the chandeliers and think about the days of old in America. Things were more formal, and possibly, slower, thus allowing time to stretch out and make us feel grateful versus our fast paced selfie lives.


Here is a mirrored view with candles. Go ahead light a candle and make a wish or say a prayer because in America you can do either or both. It’s called FREEDOM and I love it.

Thanks for stopping by,

Kim Troike

Photography by me.

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