Book Store Appearance

25 Mar

Welcome new followers to my blog here on WordPress! I’m happy to announce that I’ve been invited to appear at the FoxTale Book Shoppe in Woodstock on Friday, April 3rd @6:30pm.

Here’s the Facebook post for the Shoppe: FoxTale Book Shoppe

by Kim TroikeIt’s located off the town center in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Recently, I had lunch there with Laura Lippman for the presentation of her new novel Hush Hush. Mary Kay Andrews was present and gave the introduction.

It was wonderful to speak with other authors and meet readers in a casual atmosphere. Another writer I met was from Sweden and she lives in Decatur temporarily. This was a wonderful and new experience for me.

Love to see you there!

Kim Troike

Thank you to FoxTale Book Shoppe for the event held on April 3rd.

See Facebook post for all the authors in attendance: Facebook

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