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27 Dec

Hello by Adele … per YouTube.

Hope y’all had a lovely Holiday break, which is probably still going. I’ve returned from my in-laws in Florida; we proceeded to cut it down to thirds. We drove 20 hours, slept 20 hours and visited the last twenty which included eating, remembering, presents and lots of merriment. They are up in years now and slow to get around after three times in the hospital this year alone. It’s not been a good year but there sat Grandpa with his Santa hat and Tommy Bahama Santa fishing shirt I’d bought him a few years ago. Yeah, he kept his spirits up and was happy we’d come all that way. Grandma cooked way too much food and made her specialty … kraut biscuits. The uncles sent homemade Christmas cookies, great Grandma Alma’s recipes. I called my family twice by phone and left messages. I never heard back. I’m sure they had a good one. Oh hey, wait, I musta called a million times! I love Adele! Here she is on my ivorytide blog; the meaning behind the blog is music and oceans, maybe a way I can reach out to everyone. My YouTube channel is here.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 😉

by Kim Troike

Credit to YouTube/Adele Channel

*My kids purchased Adele’s CD in November for my birthday.

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