Marblehead Lighthouse

16 Oct

I visited this historical monument yesterday with my family. What a day! I thought I’d make this a three part post from the shores of Lake Erie. It holds a special place in the heart of my father who is likewise very special to me. More of that later.

Though the actual Lighthouse and museum were not open, they’re run by volunteers with summer the popular season, we had a lovely visit imagining the history since inception. From the War of 1812 (prior to the Lighthouse on the point) to the first steamships operating in the mid 1800’s, and every other vessel using this waterway since, there’s so much history on this Great Lake. 

Lighthouses have been an important factor or beacon to those captains and their ships sailing the rough waters when the Lighthouse was fully operational.

The Lighthouse was built in 1821 over eleven weeks and is about 65′ high. 

I’ll bring more facts to you about this fascinating era and place in history.

Photography by Kim Troike

Part One of Three

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