A Man and his Music – William Price King Meets Natalie Cole – Part two – Into the 90s

7 May

Listen to Unforgettable and When I Fall in Love by Natalie Cole w her father. Such a beautiful rendition; I’m sure her tribute to such a fine singer, herself and dad. Thanks Sally!

Smorgasbord Blog Magazine

In part one of the Natalie Colestory we discovered more about her childhood and early musical influences which of course included both her father, Nat King Cole and her mother, Maria Cole, who was also a talented jazz singer. William Price King picks up the story….


Natalie was determined to follow her own musical path and had a meteoric rise to fame in the 70’s but unfortunately her health and her career were badly affected by her addiction to drugs. Following the release of her album in 1980, Don’t Look Back it became far more difficult to hide the impact her lifestyle was having on her music.

Finally in 1983, after the release of her album I’m Ready, Natalie spent several months in a rehab centre following which she signed with a new label, Modern Records and released Dangerous in 1985; heralding her return to the music…

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