Julian Hagen ‘A Celebration’

17 Mar
I have wanted to do this for a long time. There are certain people in your life that just light it up and Julian Hagen, my cousin, is one of those. He lights up many lives for sure.
I had hoped to bring you a you tube video with a song or two of him singing. He says he has none. I thought by now Julian would be recording in Nashville as he goes there from time to time. He also goes to Ireland. Isn’t that fantastic? He sings over there. Well, of course, he sings cause that’s what Julian does. His family and friends are proud to know him . We are blessed for that. And so today, Saint Patrick’s Day, I chose to celebrate him with a blog post.
Picture this … You are walking along main street about midnight in July back in the 70’s arm in arm on your way to the second of three bars. When all of a sudden because you asked him to your cousin sings you this beautiful song that he made up. You both look up to the sky and unknown then but you remember this event the rest of your life. Cool, huh?
Our dads were friends or something they tell me; maybe that’s why it was so important.
Now that I’m writing I’ve placed him on my list of three personalities I know to write about if I ever write non-fiction. Thanks Julian for all the memories. Yes, you were my favorite cousin but you were everybody’s favorite cousin.
Hiya Cous,
     Is this what you wanted from me regarding a short bio and let me know if it is not? Certainly feel free to cut or embellish! Thanks for taking the time. I appreciate it but as usual, I am just disorganized! Cheers!
Sorry! Here is the bio! Julian Hagen was born right on Washington Island, WI in 1956 to parents of Scandinavian decent. He first performed in church at four years old and when seven years old he and his family opened musically for Lassie at the Door County Fair. Yes, Lassie, the world – saving collie dog of Timmy’s. With this as a cornerstone for his resume, there was no turning back. Julian, a 4th generation Washington Islander, grew up on the Island in a farming family with two older sisters before satellite TV and cell phones were available there. Money was tight for the family during these years so life was built around family, friends, Faith, and music.
He wrote his his first song at 16 and this song ‘Northern Lights’ became known as the Island Anthem. The lyrics to his songs are subtlely deep and contemplative, yet easily related to whether pertaining to love or humor. Subject matter ranges from shoveling manure while farming, a mail-order bride and her affect, domestic violence, and of course love, love, love.
Julian has worn numerous business hats on the Island besides singer/ songwriter – farmer, dismantled old historic log homes from around the State and rebuilt them, real estate broker for 20 years, started the Inside Scoop Ice Cream Shop, Wild Harvest Restaurant owner, quarry owner and more. One does what one has to do to make a living in a small town. Julian has followed the pull to Nashville, Branson, and Austin but the pull to come back to the Island has always been stronger.
He is married to sweet Diana and helped raise two stubborn, strong-willed and beautiful stepdaughters, Allie and Hannah. He is considered a miner by the Federal government because he owns and works a stone quarry on Washington Island, but in his mind he is just another rock star.
10983393_10204477385987364_4088246907987753338_nChorus to his first song “Northern Lights”
Because we’ll never have this time to live again So why not live it up while we can
For there’s less time than before and I don’t know how much more
But I know we’ll never have this time again

Feb 17th, 5:41pm Julian Hagen

Thank you Julian Hagen for this glimpse into your life. If perhaps you sell your CD’s let me know and I can add it here. I know you had them because I have one. Julian is on Facebook and occasionally posts sing fests, fish festivals and Island sing a longs, probably at one of the three places on main.

Here’s his Facebook social site if you want to follow him:  Facebook

By Kim Troike

Picture credits to Julian Hagen Facebook.

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