Tree Lore | The Five Sacred Evergreens of Christmas

20 Dec

Because I’m all about those distant shores of places we’ve never been to … I give you Ali Issac and information about Celtic Mythology, namely trees and Christmas tree origins specifically in Ireland. Thanks Ali.


evergreens of christmasIt is customary to decorate our homes with evergreens at Christmas; love it or hate it, it is a tradition we are all familiar with. Yet whilst these evergreens have become symbolic of the Christian faith, it is interesting to note that their use at mid-winter stretches even further back in time to our earlier pagan ancestors .

This is not to belittle Christian Christmas celebrations in any way, but for me personally, it is so intriguing to discover the origins of our myths and traditions, and sometimes, they can be quite surprising.

As I have become more aware of the Celtic calendar, I have grown to enjoy and anticipate mid-winter. Nowadays, it does not come with the harsh struggle for survival our ancestors faced, but the dark and cold and near-death of winter are a stark reminder of just how fortunate we are.  I love that the solstice means…

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