The Oceans Of Love

18 Mar

Very nice Danny. When is enough? The picture, though, is a welcoming void.

Daniel Kemp


“I have a fear of life, a fear of myself. Living is falling, ending, smashing and destroyed.

A life of flaming hell lived within a void.”

So spoke the lady of tarnished love as she recalled her time.

Time is relative to a moment, a particle of space, so abstract as not to exist or feel.

Yet a time is so tangible, so physical, that it is real!

“My time was palpable, it pulsed, it beat.

It threw passion, it threw heat!

My time was invisible, not seen, nor heard.

My loving invitations were ignored or spurned.”

Indiscernible now stands the lady of tarnished love,

As words that are hidden inside a conspectus glove.

The oceans carry the tears that were cried when love confessed.

The crashing waves of the ocean are like the fears that love expressed.

© 2015, Danny Kemp. All rights reserved.

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One Response to “The Oceans Of Love”

  1. Danny Kemp March 18, 2015 at 7:50 am #

    Thank you for sharing this.


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