The Sydney Opera House

11 Nov

Opera House at NightArchitecture and structural design innovation, set upon a peninsula in the Sydney Harbor, make this 1973 landmark ‘The Sydney Opera House’ an endearing masterpiece for Australians and the world.

This “world class performing arts centre” began in 1957, when a jury of international selectors or judges found a Danish architect named, Jorn Utzon, to design this iconic building. Utzon had limited experience and was not from Australia. The competition brought much worldwide interest, but it was his bold designs that won without any engineering advice for the structure.

Utzon, the designer, believed the engineering and construction processes would not present a problem, if the same principles of architecture in building boats were applied.

Jorn UtzanSixteen years later and ten times the cost, it officially opened with Queen Elizabeth II present to mark the event.

The location on Bennelong Point is remarkable. It is the focal point in Sydney Harbor and is immediately recognizable with massive white shells, shaped like sails atop a red granite base. This beautiful vision of elegance and grandeur escapes no one on its world stage surrounded by water on three sides. The Sydney Opera House is not only for opera as it operates with respect to concerts, theater productions, plays, operas and a recording studio. First class performers showcase talents reflective of the leading visionary who designed it.

Tiles catch light all day long, in fact over one million of them in white. The tiles were designed with a transparent gloss, so as not too show dirt. They are durable, weather resistant, and non-corrosive.

The interior design began in 1966 by Todd, Hall and Littlemore. Utzon’s desire was that it be festive with color. Murals, curtains, color, red velvet seats were commissioned.  Birch ribbing panels are suspended and match the floor while black is the color of the ceiling.

German, French, Australian, and the Danish assisted in the interior with the curtain tapestry reflecting Australia’s cultural life. These took three years alone and were made in Aubusson, France from Australian wool. Curtain of the Sun and Curtain of the Moon are two mural pieces contained in The House.

Recently, upgrades were made and one of those has been in the going green category. This has enabled them to reduce the overall electrical cost by 75 percent.

The Sydney Opera HouseThe upcoming schedule for The Sydney Opera House presents as follows:


Tori Amos; November 11th, and 12th,

Ben Folds Orchestra Experience; November 14th and 15th,

Chelsea Handler; November 20th,

Ian Anderson; December 11th and 12th,

Damon Abarn Music at the House; December 15th and 16th,

and Violent Femmes; December 29th.


This is Part One of a Two Part Post on The Sydney Opera House. Click the Sydney Opera House link below for tickets.

By Kim Troike

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