A Man and his Music – William Price King meets Nat King Cole – The Finale.

26 Apr

Music and oceans are two of my favorite things. Read and listen to Sally’s post here about jazz musicians, Nat King Cole and William Price King, one a legend and the other living in Paris.

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In part four of the series A Man and his Music with William Price King we relive the final years of the short life of Nat King Cole. Although Nat was only 45 when he died he had performed for over 30 years and had been a huge influence on the music of the time.

His influence was not restricted to the world of music as he gained the respect of Presidents and statesmen as he campaigned for racial equality in all walks of life.

William Price King picks up the story…………

Not only was Nat King Cole an iconic figure in music but he was particularly appreciated by the President of the United States in the 1960s. He was present at the Democratic National Convention in 1960 to throw his support behind Senator John F. Kennedy who won the presidential election against Richard Nixon. Cole was also…

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