Yagervan Plains: Where the Hooded Lions Roam

13 Jan

Re-posting this WordPress blog as it describes terrain in my own novel. Yes, sharing your work for my benefit. I love helping others; I’m a nurse. Good luck to you!

Legends of Windemere


Yagervan Plains was designed as I went along with The Mercenary Prince.  It had always been in the back of my mind since I had only mountains, forests, and the desert region.  The jungles were there too.  It was hard to find a place for Yagervan to appear and thrive, which happened when Delvin went on his adventure.

This land is similar to the desert in that it has nomadic people.  The tribes, all of which are named after birds, follow the same route every year and try to stay on a schedule to avoid the harsh weather that can spring up.  Many follow herds of animals, which gives them a food and clothing source too.  Each tribe has their own symbols and rites, but they all have a distrust of the outside world.  Not enough that they’ll avoid trading when times get tough.  There’s only so many resources…

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